SNA – John Wayne Airport

Each airport has a code, sometimes they make sense and sometimes they don’t seem to have any rhyme or reason. The Orange County John Wayne International Airport’s code is SNA. You might ask, “What does SNA have to do with John Wayne Airport?” Simple, the airport code stands for the mailing address of the airport in Santa Ana.

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John Wayne Airport Fairytale Paintings Exhibition

  • March 2, 2015
  • Exhibit
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The John Wayne Airport currently has an exhibition of whimsical paintings by artist Cheryl Bookout, a resident of Costa Mesa. Bookout’s work is a fantasy style which draws upon nature and history and is inspired by images of Alice in Wonderland The exhibition is located in Terminal A on the upper Departure Level near the security screening entrance as well as on the lower Arrival Level near Baggage Carousel 1. More of the exhibition can be seen in Terminal B on the upper Departure Level, near the security screening entrance and on the lower Arrival Level near Baggage Carousel 4 as well as in Terminal C on the upper Departure …..

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John Wayne International Airport Launches New Flight Tracking System

The Orange County Airport has recently launched an improved flight tracking system, Volans, available through the airport’s official website: The user-friendly 3D Java application makes it easier for the public to view flight information online at any time of day. The flight tracking data can be viewed in satellite or street map layers. Volans has an address locator which allows users to identify the location of specific addesses such as a home or office in relation to a specific flight. The view from the cockpit button allows a user to watch the flight from the pilot’s point of view in the cockpit. To learn more visit:

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