John Wayne Airport Security

John Wayne Airport is not impervious to security checks, luggage screening and restricted carry on items. Just as airport terminals across the United States have stringent travel requirements the Orange County Airport maintains the same regulations mandated by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Refer to the following checklist to ease departure from the John Wayne Airport:

  • When luggage travels through the conveyor belt, airline tags may rip, heightening the chance of lost or even stolen luggage. Prior to arriving at John Wayne Airport, make sure that the baggage has two tags, with your name and phone number marked prominently on a well attached luggage tag.


John Wayne Airport Luggage

Packing wise reduces security bottlenecks at the John Wayne Airport


  • Since traffic on the freeway is unpredictable, allow adequate time to arrive at the John Wayne Airport, allowing for any potential bottlenecks through security.  And for obvious reason, remember to bring your boarding pass.
  • The security line, at John Wayne Airport moves when passengers, who are carrying baggage, have gels, liquids and aerosols in the appropriate sized plastic bag with the contents meeting the appropriate size requirements: under 3 ounces.  To access these item pack last.
  • Another smart trick is to wear shoes that are easy to slip off.
  •  Be prepared to remove metal belts, heavy jewelry, coats, and hats at the security checkpoint. 
  •  At John Wayne Airport, expect the TSA agents to ask that all laptops are placed in a bin to be scanned.
  • Prior to take off and if time permits, take a stroll around the airport, where the fuselage designed airport features some amazing artworks.

 Meanwhile, John Wayne Airport is like any other a American airport, in that security is an integral aspect of ensuring the nation’s safety.

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