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Over the recent months, traffic gapers are the byproduct of Orange County Airport (John Wayne Airport) construction of Terminal C. Completion is slated for 2011.  Despite the renovation, this airport is a abuzz travel information:

In recent news, John Wayne Airport’s Terminals A and B celebrated its 20th Anniversary. In observance of the event, passengers received commemorative luggage tags from 6 AM until 6 PM.

Airport – Travel Information Trivia, The John Wayne airport debuted commercial airline service in 1952.

Recent New Destination Travel Information

Current headlines and travel information shows some groundbreaking achievement for the airport.

Air Canada now provides flights from Toronto to Orange County.

that Delta Airlines introduced a couple daily nonstop flight from New York. Travelers, departing from the John F Kennedy (JFK) airport, board a flight at eight o’clock in the morning, landing in Orange County by noon. The flight, which departs John Wayne Airport at one’clock in the afternoon, arrives in New York late around 10 PM.

Despite the short suspension of flights to Hawaii, Continental plans to restart flights from John Wayne Airport flying to Honolulu in November. In December, the airline has additional flights slated from Orange County to Maui.

By the year 2030, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) predicts that the John Wayne Airport will serve some 6.4 million passengers. That’s more than double it’s current target market.

However, negotiations are underway to add an airport in San Bernardino, 52 miles, northeast from the John Wayne Airport.  Although San Bernardino does not offer commercial airline services, the FAA approximates that by 2030, the air traffic supply could total 2 million travelers.

Meanwhile, Californians and visitors might stop by  the John Wayne Airport Web site for the latest travel information and traffic news.

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