How to Avert Airline Fees at the John Wayne Airport

Whether  traveling via the John Wayne Airport or the John F. Kennedy Airport, tightened security coupled with additional fees represent the inconveniences of air travel. For those considering giving into the fees associated with early-bird boarding, checking luggage and airline, review this travel information pertaining to the John Wayne Airport (aka Wayne Airport).

Even though the John Wayne Airport offers free Wi-Fi and power outlets located throughout gates 2 and 14, throughout the terminals, visitors have a slew of passenger services, restaurants, and art exhibits to explore. Use the following tips to avoid extra surcharges.

Carry on Baggage  / Luggage

Although John Wayne Airport has four carousels located in Terminal A and Terminal B, carrying on luggage saves up to $30 per flight and reduces the chances of lost or stolen luggage.

Airline Food

Major commercial airlines such as United, American Airlines and Southwest serve food for $2 to $12. Since airline food is known to be unfulfilling, lacking nutritional sustenance and often unsanitary, explore the restaurants staggered amid the terminals of the John Wayne Airport. Stock up on trail mix, healthy snacks (sugar free, gluten free and organic). The John Wayne Airport has 7 restaurants and a Starbucks coffee shop.

Early boarding

Whether a flight is an hour or four hours, why bother spending more time onboard then necessary- especially with an extra surcharge. Some airlines, such as Southwest Airlines offer passengers early boarding. Since the amenity comes at a price, John Wayne Airport features two art exhibits to explore.

Skip the early boarding. Instead, explore the Survey of Residential Architectural Styles of Orange County, which happens to be currently on display in the Vi Smith Concourse Gallery. Also, the Community Focus Program features a collection of works created by local artists.

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