Thanksgiving Day Travel: Coping with John Wayne Airport Security Changes

The day beforeThanksgiving  is notoriously the most hectic day of travel. As gridlocks back up around the John Wayne Airport, passengers can expect similar congestion at security checkpoints, where the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will be giving  passengers  a  choice between body scanners and pat downs. 

The TSA’s body scanners are so powerful that the x-ray imaging shows traveler’s undergarments and perhaps private parts. In anticipation of the new security measures, an organizer, by the name of Brian Sodegren, is launching a campaign named National Opt-Out Day, on November 24 to encourage travelers to ‘opt-out’ of  body scanners and in favor of the full body pat down. The initiative is designed to demonstrate how the American “government treats law-abiding citizens.”

John Wayne Airport Security

How to pack for John Wayne Airport Security


Nevertheless, the National Opt out Day will most likely not change security guidelines by the TSA at John Wayne Airport or any airport for that matter. In fact to ease getting through security, the John Wayne Airport.0rg created a travel information – preparation checklist:

 Dress lightly. Arrive at the airport almost naked. Be sure to wear a minimum of a t-shirt and pants to simplify any security groping at airports, incluiing John Wayne Airport.

Slip off shoes. Wear flip flops, Birkenstocks and other backless shoes to expedite your time in the John Wayne airport security line. To reduce the chances of contracting a foot fungus consider shoes, requiring socks.

Be transparent. Place all carryon items such as hair gel, contact lens solution, and other liquids, jewelry in a clear plastic bag. 

Priority pack. Place all items such as iPads, laptops and carryon liquids on top of other belonging for easy access through John Wayne Airport security (Orange County Airport (SNA).

Allow extra time. As not all travelers will not be privy to the TSA’s changes at John Wayne Airport, backups are inevitable.

Adjust the attitude. Given the chaos surrounding traveling the busiest day of the year, a pleasant demeanor eases the ordeal and a sense of humor changes the perspective altogether.

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