Will John Wayne Airport Become an International Hub?

With news that  John Wayne Airport maybe turning international, there’s hullabaloo over the changes taking place at the airport, located 35 miles south of Los Angeles.  Orange County Airport compiled the most common questions about the improvements and travel scenario at John Wayne Airport (SNA) .

Is Orange County an international hub?
Although John Wayne Airport is not currently an international hub, the acquisitions and mergers of major airlines may expand the airport’s rosters of arriving and departing flights.

What’s the current status of John Wayne airport construction?

As construction is scheduled throughout the rest of 2011, travelers should expect delays around the Orange County Airport. The new addition of Terminal C and a new parking lot are underway.


Which airlines suspended flights through Orange County Airport?

In 2010, Canada Air and Virgin airlines suspended flights to Orange County Airport, after seeing low profitability the latest news suggests that the airport may begin to provide international service for certain airlines.

Why is there speculation that Orange County Airport will gain international status?
Along with the airport’s expansion for additional parking and a new terminal, the John Wayne Airport is adding its own customs and immigration facility.

If Orange County Airport would provide travel to other countries, what are some of the destination possibilities?
With Southwest Airline’s acquisition of AirTran and United and Continental’s confluence, the destination possibilities are abounding. Nevertheless, Hong Kong,Canada, and Mexico are destinations that Southwest, United and Continental currently provide service.

Does the Orange County Airport feature any travel conveniences?
Currently, travelers rely on several amenities and travel conveniences at Orange County Airport. Valet parking, curbside check-in and self-check kiosks simplify travel. Also, the Orange County Airport also provides a charging station for travelers to power up technology.

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