John Wayne Airport CA Expects Air Noise and Construction Traffic to End Soon

When the residents of Newport Beach complained of the earsplitting jets departing from John Wayne Airport CA, FAA officials listened and found a new navigation solution. Although, the debacle via Orange County Airport would take more than a year to quell, it seems as though the new plan should work.

Daily some 90 flights depart from the John Wayne Airport, CA.

Since the navigation modification of 2009,  Californians, who live in the flight path in close proximity to John Wayne Airport CA have been complaining to municipalities and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  about the strident effects.

According to a report at Orange County Weekly, Southwest Airlines in compliance with the FAA, redirected certain flights from John Wayne Airport CA to determine if an alternative navigation system would decrease the noise volume to the affected communities. More than 30 flights participated in the new route, now referred to as STREL.

Residents of the Irvine Terrace and the east side of upper Newport Bay are optimistic that the redirection of Southwestern Airline’s flight pattern will instill noise relief.  Before STREL becomes effective, several benchmarks are vital:

  • The FAA has to confer with air traffic controllers of John Wayne Airport CA to review protocol
  • The FAA also has to confirm that the navigation system has been integrated into commercial airlines onboard computer network.

While the new flight directions will affect departing flights from John Wayne Airport CA, it should not affect any arrivals at Orange County Airport.

John Wayne Airport Construction Update

In the interim, as Southwest Airlines, private and commercial aircrafts transition these new navigation paths for flights headed east of Nevada, down below John Wayne Airport construction project has a completion date for sometime at the end of this year.

This means that the speed limit remains at 15 mph around the John Wayne Airport, CA.

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