John Wayne Airport Airlines Travel Information

John Wayne Airport airlines are comprised of a dozen of national and international carriers. Bifurcated between Orange County Airport terminals A and B, the current list of John Wayne Airport airlines include: Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Continental, Delta, Delta Connection (Skywest), Air Lines, WestJet, Frontier, United Air Lines, US Airways Express, US Airways, United Express (Skywest) and Southwest Airlines.

What eateries and restaurants are located at Orange County Airport?

Brioche Dorée Café & Bakery (between Terminals A and B), Creative Croissants (Terminal B), Gibson Guitar Lounge (Terminal A), Host Snack Bars (Terminals A & B), Starbucks Coffee (Terminals A & B), Oasis Grill & Sky Lounge (between Terminals A and B), Sports Page Pub (Terminal B) and McDonald’s (Terminals A & B),

The following John Wayne Airport airlines are at gates, situated throughout terminal A.

  • Alaska Airlines            800.426.0333           
  • American Airlines            800.433.7300           
  • Continental Airlines            800.525.0280           
  • Delta Air Lines            800.221.1212           
  • Delta Connection            800.221.1212           
  • WestJet                        888.937.8538           

Travelers, short on time and boarding any of the aforementioned John Wayne Airport airlines, find several Hudson News stands throughout terminal A, with the one at Gate 10 being the largest concession.  To fend off those in-flight sweet tooth urges, stop by Catarina’s Candies near Gate 9, where the assortment ranges from diabetic candy, fine chocolate brands (Godiva, See’s, Perugina and others) and other tasty snacks.

UPS and FEDEX represent other John Wayne Airport airlines, which ship international and domestic packages.

Six other John Wayne Airport airlines reside in Terminal B. These include:

  • Frontier Airlines            800.432.1359           
  •  Southwest Airlines        800.435.9792           
  •  United Air Lines            800.UNITED.1           
  •  United Express              800.241.6522
  •  US Airways                     800.428.4322           
  •  US Airways Express     800.428.4322           

In close proximity to the aforementioned John Wayne Airport airlines of terminal B, Just Plane News, CNBC News and South Coast News allow for the last minute stop for a magazine, newspaper or snack to take aboard.

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