Celebrities Least Likely to be Seen at John Wayne Airport

Ever wonder why  you’ll never have a sighting of certain A-list celebrities at John Wayne airport? It’s not because of aviophobia (a fear of flying).  In most cases, it’s not even due to a draconian endeavor to evade the paparazzi. An A-list of actors and actresses are not above the TSA’s protective checkpoints, so much as it is their personal familiarity with airplanes, aircrafts and boarding private jets. Here are six celebrities, who won’t be seen at terminals A and B at  John Wayne Airport, CA.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

While Angelina Jolie maybe spotted filming a movie at John Wayne Airport, don’t expect to see  her or Brad Pitt and the kids trudging through any security checkpoints.  Conversely, both are licensed pilots and perhaps, co-piloting a private aircraft arriving or departing from John Wayne Airport CA.

John Travolta

Known for the late 70’s and 80’s sitcom, “Welcome Back Kotter,”  the eccentric hitman in Pulp Fiction, few people know that John Travolta is a seasoned pilot. As the captain and owner of a Boeing 707,  Mr. Travolta also has a private airport and runway conveniently located in his backyard. Following the 2010 earthquake of  Haiti, Mr. Travolta shared his affluence by flying supplies and volunteers to assist in the relief effort.

Did you know that John Wayne Airport CA will soon become an international airport, when flights from  WestJet achieves altitude for non-stop flights John Wayne Airport (SNA) to Vancouver. 

Roger Federer

As winner of the most tennis open titles, Roger Federer has to book flights to accommodate  all his trophies. While documentation does not show that Mr. Feder has taken any lessons , the international tennis all-star owns a private jet, and has been a spokesperson for NetJets, (which has arriving and departing flight from John Wayne Airport from time-to-time).

 Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart

Another couple prone to soar the friendly skies  without boarding a commercial flight at John Wayne Airport CA are Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart. Unlike the Mr.Pitt and Mrs. Jolie, who know their way around the cockpit, Mr. Ford is the only licensed pilot in their household.

If you were a celebrity would you falter through John Wayne Airport security or any commercial TSA checkpoint if you could fly your own plane?

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