Planning Travel Via John Wayne Airport CA

Upon completion of the John Wayne Airport CA Thomas Riley Terminal C and with conjecture of a U.S. Customs station at the Orange County Airport (SNA), the changes at the southern California airport transcend its aesthetics design.  Extra parking, new food concessions and a plenty of magazine stands along with a slew of other amenities simplify flight travel.  Regardless of these changes, security will continue to maintain 

Arrive at John Wayne Airport CA at least an hour and a half prior to the flight’s take off. Actually, this only applies to those who are not checking any luggage. Since check-in and security checkpoints may be gnarly, airport officials recommend that passengers arrive two-hours in advance for domestic flights and three-hours for international flights.

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) manages security checkpoints at John Wayne Airport, CA.

Before you arrive at John Wayne Airport CA do the following:

— Place any carryon liquids in a one quart sized zip-lock bag.  Shampoo, hair conditioner, and all other liquid products must be under 3.4 ounces to board the flight. Products exceeding these size requirements will be confiscated by the TSA.

Maxim: Leave all oversized, expensive hair and beauty products at home or packed in checked in luggage.

— Pack all metal items  ( house keys, metal belts, and jewelry et cetera) in a clear bag for easy accessibility.

Upon the security checkpoint at John Wayne Airport CA, be prepared to do the following:

— Place all electronic devices in a separate bin. (That includes laptops, iPads, notepads, et cetera).

— Wear shoes, which happen to be easy to slip on and off—along with a pair of socks, to walk through the x-ray machine.

After the check in and time permits, explore the new concessions at John Wayne Airport CA. The Vi Smith Concourse art gallery (near gates 11 – 14) serves as a respite from the bustle of travel at Orange County Airport.

Also, noteworthy is that passengers can refresh any technology running low on battery power in terminal B.

How many times have you traveled at via John Wayne Airport CA, (Orange County Airport (SNA)).

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