John Wayne International Airport Travel Vs. LAX Airport Stats

 As more than 455,000 air carriers arrive and depart at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) each year,  the John Wayne International Airport (SNA) tends to offer convenient travel with less congestion. (Source: LAX) And with a little more driving time from LA to the John Wayne Airport CA the trip is virtually equivocal to getting to LAX airport  with fewer security setbacks.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) categorizes flight delays by six different causes. These vary from an air carrier delay, aircraft arriving late, a cancelled or diverted flight, a security delay, extreme weather, to a National Aviation System delay.  In turn the National Aviation System delays flight traffic based on weather, volume, a close runway, equipment and “other” specified reasons.

Among national flight statistics, aircraft arriving late hold the highest cause of late flight arrivals. The annual percentage was at 7.71 from January 2011 through April 2011, compared to a 76.4 percent on-time rate during the same time span.

At John Wayne  International Airport  and LAX airport, late aircraft arrivals  and National Aviation System delays account for the leading cause of flight delays in January through April 2011. (Source: BTS,

The top three, popular flight routes from April 2o10 through March 2011 were Chicago to New York, Los Angeles to San Francisco, and Los Angeles to New York.

In terms of security delays at John Wayne International Airport, this year shows less than .01 percent incident rate. There has been a .07 percent rate of security delays at LAX airport. This equates to more aggravation in long lines coupled with higher flight deferrals. Sometimes, security back-ups can cause passengers to miss flights.  But with some tens of thousand people traveling through LAX airport, it’s not very surprising.

Although Parking is costlier at the John Wayne  International Airport, the onsite parking facilities alleviate the need to park and then board a shuttle. John Wayne  International Airport is comprised of three parking lots: A, B, and C. An offsite parking lot requires boarding a shuttle and is a $6 savings to the other parking lots.  Moreover, John Wayne  International Airport affords a curbside valet parking, where passengers can have their car detailed, while they’re traveling.

If you travel to Southern California, will you book a flight through John Wayne International Airport  or Los Angeles International LAX Airport?

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