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On the week of August 21, new instituted policies became effective, influencing airline and terminal operations at John Wayne Airport (SNA).  Recently, the U. S. Department of Transportation (DOT) passed new passengers rights that will ensure that passengers of airports such as John Wayne Airport (SNA) will attain equitable treatment. From tarmac delays, baggage fees to short and long delays, new rules mean the following for passengers and frequent travelers of the John Wayne Airport SNA (also known as the Orange County Airport SNA):

  • For starters–when passengers purchase an airline ticket through United,  American Airlines or any other airline, all fees must be clearly itemized so that consumers can make informed purchasing decisions.
  •  Sometimes, an airline at John Wayne Airport SNA has an excessive number of passengers to cabin seating, making it necessary to ask for volunteers to be bumped to another flight. In cases, where no one on a flight offers to be bumped, an involuntary bump is inevitable. In either case the has pushed up the maximum compensations to $650 and $1300. (Previously, standard bumping compensation ranged from $400 and $800).
  • Now airlines are responsible for issuing a refund when a passenger’s baggage is lost.
  • Also,  passengers departing from John Wayne Airport SNA headed to Vancouver or Calgary are now entitled to the same domestic flight tarmac rules.  In other words, international flights have to observe the same humane treatment on the tarmac.

Here is a list of John Wayne Airport SNA  – Airline Carriers to Observe new policies inspired by

Orange County Airport SNA Airlines at Terminal A

  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Continental Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Delta Connection (Skywest)
  • WestJet

Orange County Airport SNA Airlines at Terminal B

  • Frontier Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Air Lines
  • United Express (Skywest)
  • US Airways
  • US Airways Express (Mesa)

Which new policies will you enjoy the most at John Wayne Airport SNA?

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