John Wayne International Airport SNA Depicts Fuss-free and Friendlier Travel

John Wayne International Airport SNA is rapidly showing the signs of a popular airport in  Southern California. Between the newly installed parking lots, completion of terminal C,  ability to shoot film locations, new food concession arrivals, art galleries and even a regular tour schedule, Orange County International Airport (SNA) appears to be developing a prominent brand, connoting fuss free and more friendly airport then that of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Since 9/11, traveling is a utopia for few. From flight delays, the stringent regulations of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to the ever evolving guidelines of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), anything is possible in the world of travel.  But, Airport SNA  endeavors to introduce an element of Disney, Hollywood films or the fantasy that flying if free of hiccups.

This seems to be the case, as the privately funded airport flaunts its distinctive brand.

Concession stands.

With more space and few crowds, John Wayne International Airport SNA does not feel as congested as LAX. Spread among three terminals, travelers choose between tacos, burgers, and even Mediterranean fare. Between LAX and John Wayne International Airport SNA there’s no shortage of caffeine. Eleven Starbucks occupy both airports. There are 3 at Orange County Airport SNA and eight at LAX.

Parking facility

Between valet parking, and the newly appointed parking terminals of John Wayne International Airport, commuters have a wealth of lots to leave the car overnight.  There’s terminals A, B, and C.

Filming options

Few national airports allow production crews to shoot films  at John Wayne International Airport. But, then again, few national airports are named after a legendary actor, famous for cowboy movies.

Art Gallery

The John Wayne International Airport is also home to two galleries, where local artists and juried masterpieces adorn the walls.

Tour schedule

In congruence with Orange County’s  efforts to bolster tourism and hospitality, the John Wayne International airport SNA schedules tours two weeks in advance for a 90-minute tour through each terminal.

 Travel tip cia John Wayne International airport SNA: La Tapenade, the Mediterranean bistro situated pre-security check in doubles as an alternative location to meet  travelers arriving at Orange County Airport SNA.

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