John Wayne International Airport Touches Down on Aeronautics

Few passengers passing through John Wayne International Airport are cognizant that the airport doubles as a tourist attraction for aeronautic enthusiasts. During the weekdays,  as travelers pass through the terminals of the Orange County Airport a tour commences at the airport’s namesake statue. The touring program of Orange County Airport begins at 10:30 a.m. or at 2:30 p.m., when the airport is not at the apex of arrival and departures.

Led by volunteers who are pilots, educators and executives, guests attain a behind the scenes exploration of John Wayne International Airport. The hour to 90-minute tour showcases the terminal architecture. Visitors learn about the Orange County Airport’s history and involvement with the U.S. military. Parties attain a fast study about aeronautics and details regarding the Wright Brothers flight.

Tourists sneak a peek of the operations airline ticket counter, skycap activity and baggage carousel. While the John Wayne International Airport highlights details about the flight display monitors, paging and security checkpoints, participants are unauthorized by the FAA to tour the Control Tower. Another banned area is John Wayne International Airport’s Fire Station.

But given the economical price of the tour: free and affordable parking rate of $2 per hour, few vacationers quibble about this fascinating tour that concludes at a viewing point of where commercial and private airplanes take off, touch down, and land.  For heightened security purposes, touring participants should expect a vehicle inspection in the short term parking lot.

Tours have to be arranged in advance. There’s a typical scheduling lapse of two or more weeks. The maximum number for any group is 25; however, the John Wayne International airport does accommodate larger groups–which have to be bifurcated into two groups. Youngsters, first graders, and children five years or older can enjoy the tour long as an adult chaperone accompanies them.

Does John Wayne International Airport tour program sound like one that you would arrange for the family, students or associates?

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