Terminal C of Orange County John Wayne Airport SNA Almost 100%

Despite opening Terminal C, on Monday, November 14th, Orange County John Wayne Airport SNA maintains a cornucopia of finishes to finalize the  improvement project. From the eateries, security issues and baggage claims, a few details remain unresolved.

Dining wise.

While new restaurants live before and after the pre-screening area at the Airport SNA often dubbed the Orange County John Wayne Airport SNA, a trio of new eateries have move in dates set for some time in 2012. Fourteen eateries currently feed travelers, passengers and personnel of Orange County John Wayne Airport SNA. From fast food, gourmet to the culinary inspirations of various cultures. In the meantime, Fresh Market by Laguna Culinary Arts, Ruby’s Diner and Ruby’s Grab N’ Go and Mc Donalds Mc Café anticipate capturing the same demographic. Orange County John Wayne Airport SNA appears to offer a medley of dining choices. In the meantime, Fresh Market by Laguna Culinary Arts, Ruby’s Diner and Ruby’s Grab N’ Go and Mc Donalds Mc Café anticipate capturing the same demographic.

Baggage issues.

Terminal C will house the majority of gates for Southwest and Frontier Airlines. However, for the time being, passengers, who are checking baggage have to check in through Terminal B while those with carryon baggage can go directly to Terminal C.

John Wayne Airport parking enhancements.

Among the improvements, John Wayne Airport parking  shows the most remarkable makeover among terminals A, B and C. Two thousand  parking spaces afford easy access for travelers, preferring to drive, check-in and take-off. There’s also the advanced parking technology, which indicates a real-time vacancy of available parking spots. Prior to leaving the airport, parking patrons have the convenience to pay at the common use kiosks on-foot. This reduces congestion from building up at parking lot exits.

Security matters.

Among the new improvements at the Orange County John Wayne Airport SNA, the five security lanes present one more perk to easing travel at  Airport SNA. Nonetheless, Transportation Security Administrator (TSA) representative, Nico Melendez shares that full body scanners will be added to each terminal in the immediate future.

What is your opinion of the Orange County John Wayne Airport SNA’s improvements? What are the the winners and losers of Airport SNA’s construction?

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