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Despite the $543 million renovation of Terminal C at John Wayne Airport CA SNA:  air travel across the nation remains an inconvenient, hassle. Baggage check-ins, security checkpoints and disagreements with airport crew and staff embody the details which make airline travel so exciting. Given the increasing number of altercations between the  U.S. Transportation Security Administration  (TSA) workers and flight crew aboard flights, affluent travelers might consider forming a co-op,

where other local, like minded jetsetters pool resources. The publishers of John Wayne Airport SNA sought out to collect the most pertinent details to chartering a private jet at  SNA  Airport and here the most relevant findings:

John Wayne Airport CA SNA serves 8.4 million passengers a year. (Source:

Private jet charters charge by the hour, starting at $1400 which is a turbo prop (seats 7).

A Lear Jet starts at $1950 – $2400 an hour. The Citation Ultra  charges the highest hourly rate among private jets: $3250+ an hour.

On private jets, passengers do not have to endure the rigorous security check-ins as travelers flying with a commercial carrier do.

At John Wayne Airport International, a board of supervisors reported in June 2011 that the private jets account for 2000 to 2400 of the John Wayne CA SNA’s incoming and outgoing air traffic each month.

StratosJetsEljet and a number of other private jet carriers coordinate travel from John Wayne Airport CA SNA to other destination across the country.

Individuals, chartering a private jet rarely engage in  the destructive exchanges seen among flight crew and passengers of commercial flights. In fact, passengers are encouraged to work, play or do whatever they want, barring interfering with the pilot.

Another underlying advantage to flying via a private jet from John Wayne Airport CA SNA  is that travelers can reserve air arrangements in as few as four-hours, depending on the carrier, and destination.

If you could afford boarding a private jet from John Wayne Airport CA SNA, what aspect of public travel would you miss the most: the food concessions at John Wayne Airport International, the long security lines or baggage claim.

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