Orange County Airport Garners Likable Social Persona

(Orange County –  California)   With social media seeping into every facet of the American society, three airports in Southern California flaunt distinctive online personas. Orange County Airport  (John Wayne International Airport), San Diego International Airport and Los Angeles International airports social voices exemplify each brand’s identity.

There appears to be an imbalanced disparity in Los Angeles International Airport’s social media numbers. Annually, LAX reports some 59 +million airline passengers. (In 2011, 61,862,052 million airline passengers  passed through the arrival and departure gates of the So-Cal airport). However, the international hub is following only 33 of its 13,034 Twitter followers. Even the LAX profile on Twitter,  reads an unwelcoming message, which reads:

Los Angeles International Airport Twitter profile description: “Official site for the sixth busiest airport in the world and third in the U.S. LAX reserves the right to remove any comments for any reason.”(as of April 27, 2012).

LAX’s tweet style tends to focus on far more celebrity gossip and political rhetoric  than travel information. Indeed ,LAX passengers deem celebrity sightings far more vital than obtaining flight news about cancellations and terminal updates.

Seven hundred and ninety two are the number of tweets that the San Diego International Airport has sent to its 6,247 followers. The SAN Airport is like the Los Angeles Airport in that it follows a disproportionately lower number of it followers.

San Diego International Airport’s tweet style is not as one-sided as LAX social media style.

John Wayne’s International Airport’s online brand strategy reeks of resourcefulness. It’s profile message reads:

John Wayne Airport is owned and operated by the County of Orange. This account’s list of followers may be subject to California’s Public Records Act.

With more than 1800 followers, the  Orange County Airport  follows almost 10 percent of its followers. In terms of tweets, the John Wayne International Airport also tweets useful travel information about the airport, construction, baggage, security and even dining tips.

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