Orange County International Airport Bodes Well for Economic Growth

(Orange County, California)  In lieu of surging fuel prices, Orange County Airport International fashions a myriad of accolades and advances. From new destinations, recent awards to cultivating strategic partnerships,, the SNA airport garners a prominent presence for the Southern California communities  and news.

In a feature installment of  the Orange County Business section, a pithy report chronicles the history and financial impact of the John Wayne International Airport.   The 2011 expansion was a major construction program and economic boom for Orange County, assessed at approximately $1.2 billion in jobs and other direct and indirect economic factors–says sources from the SNA airport supervising committee.

Alan L. Murphy, the director of John Wayne International Airport, emphasizes: “We are thrilled that AirTran Airways is bringing Orange County our first-ever non-stop service to Mexico.”

Given the Orange County International Airport’s latest expansion and architectural functionality with the addition of Terminal C there is speculation that John Wayne International Airport will be the preferred hub for travel to Canada or  Mexico.

The marriage between Southwest Airlines and AirTran dons a new destination route, departing from Orange County, California to Mexico. The first flight for the new destination out of SNA Airport takes off on June 3 2012.  Daily flights departing from Orange County International Airport will fly non-stop to Cabo San Lucas and Mexico City.   Other international flights shuttle service to Vancouver and Calgary.

Comprised of a board of five local district airport supervisors, the airport maintains strategic partnerships with well known Orange County businesses, such as Disneyland Resorts, Farmers and Merchant Bank, and Gensler to name a few.

Aside from improving the financial vitality in Orange County and adding more international destinations, the SNA Airport has also been recognized in the arts. Three of the 8-Orange County students, who earned state level honors in the 2012 International Aviation Student Art Contest, aptly dubbed “Silent Flight,” triumphed with National Honors and will continue on to the International Level of the contest, scheduled for May 2012.

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