John Wayne International Airport News: May 2012

(Orange County, California) Despite the reported improvements at John Wayne Airport International, it has dominated Orange County headlines in recent weeks.  From a bomb threat to an antique exhibit of radios, a mixed bag of optimistic and negative news surrounds the SNA Airport the first half of May 2012.

  • Bomb Threat

On May 8th, 2012, Orange County ABC-News reported that Southwest  Airlines flight 811, departing for Phoenix was grounded and quarantined following a bomb threat.  Although, investigators determined that it was a false alarm, the flight was delayed overnight.  Two other  flights from SNA Airport that landed inPhoenix were part of the investigation too. There is speculation that Transportation Security Administration, — will most likely be tightening security to avert any future breaches.

Did you know…that the TSA was established on November 19, 2001, following the 9/11 attack of the World Trade Center, Twin Towers in New York City.

  • New International  Destinations

On a positive note, the John Wayne International Airport lives up to its global moniker with the announcement of new direct flights to Cabo San Lucas and Mexico City. When Southwest Airlines recently acquisitioned Air Transway Airlines, it gained a new flight schedule to Mexico. Starting June 3, 2012, these flights will be boarding in Terminal C at the SNA airport.

  • Flight Stats

Orange County officials of John Wayne International Airport released traffic statistics for March 2012. Data shows that flights slumped by 1.8 percent. During March 2012, 727,000+ passengers traveled via the SNA Airport. Flight traffic reports portray fewer commercial aircraft operations, a 3.4. percent drop from March 2011.

  • Antique and Art

From now through July, passengers traveling through John Wayne International Airport may consider checking out  a collection of 1930s and 1940s classic and antique radios, currently on display. Aptly named ‘Sound Design”, some 80+ radios are on exhibit in the Vi Smith Concourse Gallery at Terminal A (near gates 2-5) and gates 18 – 21 in Terminal C.

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