Obstacles Could Delay Airport SNA’s Passenger Growth

  • May 30, 2012
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(ORANGE COUNTY CALIFORNIA) The latest improvements at Orange County Airport SNA are not making a major impact on passenger traffic to the Orange Countyhub.  Despite the positive passenger reviews, data from the most recently published flight statistics reported in April 2012 suggest that the SNA airport experienced a 300 percentage jump in military operations than any other category. 

Officials of the Orange County Airport Flight Statistic report released on May 29, 2012, documented data from April 2012 showing that 4700 more passengers departed and arrived at John Wayne Airport than April 2011. This was a .7 percent increase than the previous year. Yet 55 fewer commercial carriers landed at the airport than the previous year. Meanwhile, 33 military aircrafts were operated at theOrangeCountyAirportin April 2012 compared to the seven  in April 2011.

Nonetheless, Airport SNA’s growth could be delayed by several factors. Orange County Airport’s 2010 – 2011 construction project transpired at a time when several major airlines were consolidating or trying to fend off bankruptcy.

Direct flights to Vancouver and Calgary  helped John Wayne Airport maintain its international status,  When Southwest Airlines acquired AirTran, Airport SNA landed  two additional flights to its international flight schedule: Cabo San Lucas and Mexico City, while some domestic flights were cut.

Air Tran. WestJet Delta, American, United. Southwest Frontier, Continental American airlines account for the major carriers with direct flight departing to and from  Airport SNA.

Fuel costs. Across the nation, major carriers continue to streamline flight schedules to offset skyrocketing fuel prices.  These consolidated flights could reduce the number of departure and arrivals at any airport.

No evening flights. Another factor which may prevent Orange County Airport from fattening its flight schedule is that the commercial carriers have to abide by a daytime arrival and departure limitation to appease local residents, who have been vocal about Airport SNA  noise.

For several years, many Orange County residents have been in contention over Airport SNA’s noise. The ongoing debate could hinder Orange County Airport from providing evening flights and potentially its growth.

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