JWA Airport Trails LAX Flight Numbers

  • July 31, 2012
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(ORANGE COUNTY –  CALIFORNIA ) Over the third week of July 2012, U.S. travel analysts forecasted cheaper air fares on the horizon. In contrast, escalating fuel prices have some would be travelers flummoxed by the prospects of revisiting affordable air fare. Thanks to America’s most lovable airline brand, Southwest, flight availability and economically priced fares enable budget focused Americans to pursue vacation plans. In the June 2012 flight statistics report, the numbers illustrate how air travel is taking off at the  John Wayne International (JWA) Airport.

An evaluation of  Southwest’s daily itinerary via John Wayne International JWA Airport shows how the Orange County hub is catching up to volume of flights that Los Angeles Airport manages through certain cities.

For instance, Southwest Airlines has two fewer daily flights to Tucson, Arizona (TUS) than Los Angeles International Airport.

June 2012 outperformed the total number of passengers that traveled via the JWA airport the same time in 2011. That’s a 4.7 percent increase. With the jump in commercial air craft operations emerging at the JWA airport, commuter aircraft operations are on the decline, merely 10 percent.

LAX has nine daily flights from Omaha, that’s two more than JWA Airport. However, in the the afternoon, both LAX and JWA Airport manage 4 flights from noon to 6 pm to the midwestern city.

As Southwest continues no baggage fees or flight changes, coupled with its consumer friendly persona, this growth will bode well for the travel industry in Orange County, California’s JWA airport. Currently, Southwest leads among its contenders, United Airlines, American Airlines and West Jet with the most flights and departures from JWA>


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