SNA Airport: Christmas Travel Tips 2012

As a winter storm moves east across the United States, Christmas travel plans could be hampered by a hazardous climate conditions. Flights, scheduled to arrive at Orange County John Wayne Airport  from the East Coast and Midwest, are on track for numerous flight delays.  Whether its passing through SNA Airport or any other U.S. airport, here are 7 rules for traveling Christmas 2012:

  • Skip the condiments, cordials, and creams.

For security reasons, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not permit passengers to board flights with many holiday favorites. Since, specific foods must be checked with other luggage, these foods are unsuitable for air travel.

Foods banned from check in at  Orange County John Wayne Airport or any other national hub include the following: cranberry sauce, eggnog, oils, jams, jellies, gravy, soups, maple syrup, vinegars, sauces wine, liquor and beer.

  • Make note of acceptable foods and goods.

While cake, donuts, pies and bread are acceptable carry on items, bread pudding is not. For clarity on banned foods, goods and other carry on items, check the TSA website at

  • Pack the liquids in check in luggage.

Leave liquids in the check in luggage, and remember to pack these items accordingly as baggage handlers are administering tens of thousands of pieces of baggage.

Orange County John Wayne Airport travel note: Nail polish, liquid foundation and eyeliner happen to be  other banned carry  on items.   Gel deodorant is considered another TSA security check in “no-no.”

  • Don’t bother gift wrapping any carry on items.

For those departing from Orange County John Wayne Airport, don’t bother wrappring gifts that you plan to carry on. The TSA can open any Christmas presents. Instead, pack a role of wrapping paper and tape to  gift wrap in the arrival city.

  • Arrive early.

Even if the weather conditions appear good, arrive at the Orange County John Wayne Airport early. This allows plenty of time to check in via the check point and score a good table at one of the SNA airport eateries.

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