SNA Airport: 3 Airlines Win and Lose On-time Ratings

  • January 18, 2013
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Some major airlines were the best and worst in 2012. See how Orange County (SNA) Airport's carriers fared.

Some major airlines were the best and worst in 2012. See how Orange County (SNA) Airport’s carriers fared.

In Orange County, not all travelers subscribe to the same airlines. As passenger traffic inflated by 6.4 percent Orange County John Wayne (SNA) Airport in November 2012, the surge is influencing more commercial air craft operations from United, Southwest, American Airlines and a handful of  international major carriers.

National Flight Statistics 2012
In 2012 more than 4.6 million travelers arrived on time to their destination in America. In other words, more than eighty two percent of all flights were on time.

For the month of November 2012, bad weather  grounded hundreds of flights, a 1 percent uptick in cancelled scheduled flights across the nation.

John Wayne Airport Flight Stat Report

  • More military flights.

Interesting Orange County Airport traffic fact: Military operations show the highest year to date percentage change. In 2011, less than 200 military operations flew into John Wayne Airport. In 2012, 458 military flights.

  • Private Jets and Commuter Aircraft

Fewer commuter aircraft. In contrast, commuter aircraft operations continue to dwindle at the SNA airport, a 17 percent loss.

However, flight delays accounted for 25.35 percent of November’s tardy flights, (Chronically delayed flight typify flights, which are 30-minutes late, 50 percent of the time for two-consecutive months).

  • Pet deaths.

Fortunately, John Wayne Airport did not post any pet casualties in 2012, like its neighboring airports did. Seattle, San Francisco,  and Ontario, CA showed the highest animal related consumer,  pet related reports Among the major airlines with animal deaths, injuries and pet related complaints, United and American Airlines maintained the most reports.

  • On-time Flights

At Orange County SNA Airport, two major airlines reigned with the highest on-time arrival rates. These are AirTran Airways – (91.3 percent), Delta Air Lines (90.6 percent), However, it is notable that these carrier have the least flights when compared to Southwest, US Airways and United Airlines.

At SNA Airport, the on-time winners provide service to three non-stop national and two international flights. These are via Delta and AirTran. Delta’s direct flights to Atlanta, Minneapolis, St Paul and Salt Lake City should be timely departures from Orange County. Given AirTran’s track record in 2012, flights to Cabo San Lucas and Mexico City, expect timely international flights.

While American Airlines overcame its bankruptcy, the carrier took a nose dive in terms of lower on-time arrival rates.

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