Avoiding Annoying Travelers at Airport SNA, Orange County

It’s not inconceivable that annoying travelers come in all types. Despite all its conveniences, Orange County John Wayne International Airport is not immune to the passenger, exuding inconsiderate qualities. Whether one’s traveling via Airport SNA or any other hub, oblivious travelers are an emerging issue. Use these coping mechanisms to circumnavigate the most irritating, clueless travelers at John Wayne Airport International:

Did you know that Airport SNA is comprised of 20 bridged passenger gates

The loud talker.
Traveler beware of the loud smartphone talker. People with this personality trait seem to be under the impression that everyone around them wants to hear their conversation. Try to find a seat far away from this traveler as most likely he or she will be contacting as many people as possible in their address book.

To avoid the person head over to Terminal C where Paradies’ exclusive Read & Return Program is made possible at Gate 19 or visit www.theparadiesshops.com to learn more.

The seat hoarder.
At Airport SNA, seat hoarders are common irritating travelers. These travelers believe their luggage has every right to be seated as any other passenger. To avoid conflict and avert any annoyances, walk around the terminal. Slip into one of the food concessions for a quick pick me up (coffee, frozen yogurt, and other tasty treats).

Orange County John Wayne Airport houses the Vi Smith Art Gallery in Terminal A. Upper Level, across from Gates 2 through 5 and across from Terminal C’s gates 18 through 21.  This is a great place to kill some time.

The germ breeder.
Another pesky airport passenger is the one who coughs and sneezes without covering his or her mouth. While, these germ breeders are unavoidable on the flight, while in the terminal seek refuge elsewhere.  Airport SNA has newsstands in every terminal.

Or seek refuge at Caterina’s – (at terminals B and C Gates 13/14), where you can sooth away any irritants. Here, the likes of Ghirardelli, G Ethel M, Droste, Ferrero Rocher, Guylian, Harry & David, See’s and Brown & Haley are on standby to help calm the nerves.

The sprawling family.
Some families and large groups prefer to set up camp on the floor. This way all passengers have to travel around or over them. Instead of allowing other travelers’ lack of commonsense irk you, head over to an empty gate or where other passengers are boarding a flight.

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