Firearm IQ at Orange County Airport

Following the Boston  Marathon bombing on April 15. 2013,  the U.S Transportation Security Administration (TSA) revoked its plan to authorize  passengers at Orange County John Wayne Airport, as well as other national airports to board flights with small pocket knives. Meanwhile reports, by the TSA, show that the number of people trying to board a commercial plane appear to be holding between 35 and 40 people a month.

For the week ending April 26, TSA agents across the nation found 40 firearms in carry on luggage.  Nine guns were unloaded and  the remaining 31 were loaded.  While there were not any firearm flight boarding attempts at Orange County Airport, attempts were made at neighboring international airports: Los Angeles, San Francisco and  Las Vegas.

For the forgetful traveler, carrying a gun, stun gun, samurai knife, grenade and other deadly weapons, these items are not allowed on national or international flights. Passengers have the opportunity to check in these items with luggage. The TSA identifies the guidelines pertaining to the policy at  For instance, some airlines and the TSA require that passengers, carrying weaponry, must check firearms and knives with luggage. Guns have to be unloaded and concealed in a hard shelled encasement.

There are several ways to leave town without boarding an aircraft with a  loaded weapon.

When booking a flight with a commercial airline, inquire about the carrier’s policy. Some airlines charge  passengers a fee to check firearms. Most commercial airlines have special check in requirements for people’s bearing arms.

Other potentially banned goods.

Disposable razors are permitted as a carryon, However, razors with a safety razor are not permitted, carry on items for commercial aircraft Flares are not permitted on any flight

Also, passengers of Orange County John Wayne Airport face penalties totaling up to a $7500 fine for attempting to board a flight with a firearm.

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