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  • June 27, 2013
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Santa Ana John Wayne Airport resides in California’s Orange County. Researching travel information for the independently owned international hub can be a little confusing as it goes by a number of monikers: Orange County Airport, John Wayne Airport, Orange County International Airport, Santa Ana International Airport, and John Wayne Airport International. Review these compelling travel facts and news about the John Wayne Airport.

Because of its different aliases, John Wayne International Airport code is generally referred to as SNA. However, some federal documents show the code as JWA.

Where to give pet’s relief at Santa Ana John Wayne Airport?
Outside of the A-! parking terminal, animal relief  is outside the baggage claim area.

Where to drop a bag at Orange County Airport?
Santa Ana John Wayne/Orange County International Airport is among 35+ other airports with a bag drop counter, offered at American Airlines.

What are Americans saying about air travel?
A poll, conducted by the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) noted  that American travelers were both discontent and satisfied with certain aspects of airline travel. Here, are some of the survey findings.

  • Topping the ranks of positive customer sentiment, Jet Blue came in first place, earning 83 points, out of 100 points. Southwest Airlines trailed by 2-points with 81 percent satisfaction. Meanwhile, other commercial airlines such as United, American Airlines and Delta registered with grades in the 60s.
  • The flight itself is where many customers expressed dissatisfaction. However, customers found overall satisfaction at check-in, reservation.

Which airline  considers pets to be first at Santa Ana John Wayne Airport?
Delta travelers should note that Delta makes the following statement regarding travel with pets: “Due to seasonal weather conditions, we do not accept pets as check baggage from May 15 through September 15. However, Delta welcomes customer to ship  pets as cargo with Delta’s Pet First program.

Travel information: A health certificate is generally a requirement for shipping a pet as cargo.

What vehicle parts qualify for travel via a commercial flight?

Because of the FAA’s hazmat regulations, passengers of Santa Ana John Wayne Airport (SNA) are prohibited from carrying on or checking in the following items: car batteries, vehicle air bags, any shock absorber with a residue of any volatile organic compound (VOC) or sealed by compressed gas.

Could an unlikely partnership mean more international take offs at Orange County Airport?
Delta and Virgin an unlikely duo are teaming up to cross sell airline tickets on each other’s flights. With Delta Air Lines purchasing a 49 percent stake in the British airline. According to Reuters, ultimately, the partnership will extend Delta’s presence in the U.K., specifically London Heathrow, a hub for business travelers.

Perhaps, this cross selling strategy will lead to additional international flights, taking off or landing at Santa Ana John Wayne Airport.

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