Orange County International Airport Soars High on Yelp

On the day of this article publication, the Orange County International Airport (SNA) displayed some 783 reviews on Yelp. Earning a culminant 4 star rating on Yelp. Passengers, departing from the beloved airport  posted a myriad of positive reviews on several social networks, including Yelp, Twitter and Facebook.

FYI: California’s Orange County International Airport also goes by the monikers: Santa Ana  Airport and John Wayne International Airport.

Overall Consensus
Fan of Orange County International Airport,s appreciate the hub’s intimacy, and number of  conveniences. Cleanliness, pleasant airport staff and free charging stations earned high points on passenger reviews regarding SNA airport.  In contrast, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) showed 2.5 stars out of 2178 reviews on Yelp.

Orange County International Airport Terminal C

Orange County International Airport – Photo Courtesy of Improvement Program

Like, many reviewers marveled at how flights are easier to board at John Wayne versus the chaos often experienced at to LAX.

One Yelper, comments “After flying out of John Wayne, I’ll have a very hard time dealing with LAX in the future.”

Streamlined Check-in a John Wayne Airport

Another trend among Orange County Airport International travelers was a propensity to arrive at the airport just an hour prior to a domestic flight versus the recommended 90 minutes to 2-hours.

Many John Wayne Airport passengers find the ample kiosks to be convenient.An ‘Elite’ Yelp review reads: “We were also able to print out boarding passes at the plethora of kiosks.”Because the John Wayne Airport has a wealth of self service airline ticket kiosks,  (SEE PHOTO) the check in is easier for passengers, who don’t mind doing it themselves.

“The airport’s interior is beautiful, quiet and clean. I usually arrive about an hour before my flight time,” comments  Melissa G, of Walnut CA.

Additional  Feedback Notes on Yelp
Among Yelp reviews regarding Orange County International Airport’s slightly higher airfares, passengers agreed that they did not mind spending a little more for a pleasant airport experience.

Have you ever flown in or out of Orange County International Airport? How would you rate the southern California airport?

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