The Upside to Flying out of John Wayne International Airport

  • September 15, 2013
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Airline travel is no bowl of cherries. Whether passengers are departing from any easygoing airport or experiencing a delay, research compiled by the  United States Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) , Yelp reviews and comments on Facebook and Twitter  show John Wayne International Airport (Santa Ana international airport) experiences few major flight delays.

The number of commercial flights and passengers has been soaring at a steady pace at John Wayne Airport. In contrast reports by the United States Department of Transportation Research and Innovative Technology Administration  indicate a 2.6 percent decline in jobs from the previous year.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) shows that 80 percent of airplane crashes transpire within the first 11 minutes of a flight.

Although major commercial airline accidents have been dwindling over the past decade, research by the FAA indicates that human gaffes are the leading cause of aircraft accidents. (From an airplane’s mechanics, traffic directors to pilots, the margin of human error is low considering the numbers of flights and crew involved).

  • Take away: For at least five years, there have not been any serious airline accidents in the Orange County headlines or at Santa Ana International Airport.

Recirculated air.
Most commercial flights recirculate air to conserve on fuel. That recirculated air contains a variety of airborne contaminants.

Upshot: Fortunately, before boarding a flight at Orange County Airport, passengers can buy over the counter vitamins and germ blockers at any of John Wayne International Airport’s concessions. Also, some health experts recommend fortifying the immune system after a long or short flight with vitamin C and zinc.

Unsavory food
Some airline market researchers blame the bad tasting airline food to the airplane’s noise. Travelers, departing from Orange County Airport rely on a variety of tasty options. Please visit for restaurants at  Santa Ana International Airport.

In flight claustrophobia.
Aside from SouthWest Airlines, the seating on most commercial flights is extremely confining, verging on too close for comfort.

  • Takeaway: Be sure to take advantage of the space at Santa Ana International airport to stretch your legs before boarding a cramped flight.
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