Top Flight Apps Aid Travel Plans + Delays

  • September 23, 2013
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Add these flight apps to your mobile device

Add these flight apps to your mobile device

Even though Santa Ana Orange County Airport provides its own flight status application, a handful of top flight apps ease travel from Orange County Airport, La Guardia to every other US airport.

Consummate business travelers know all too well how to navigate the long lines at airports. Alleviating the guesswork and frustration often associated with booking flights, means knowing which airlines fly out of specific airports and circumnavigating typical flight delay situations.

Thanks to five top flight apps,the best of travelers is informed and ready to change itinerary at a moment’s

Top flight app: Kayak
Best Features: Kayak’s flight booking app goes well beyond the normal airline price comparison application in the quality of travel information it provides. Detailing information, such as airline baggage fees, flight tracking, major airline phone numbers to available lodging accommodations, most travelers don’t need any other travel app.
Price: $o

Top flight app: iFly Pro Airport Guide
Best features:
The top flight app is dubbed the IFly Pro Airport Guide, spanning 700 U.S. airports, providing useful travel information such as, tracking flight status, ground delays, weather, how far the walk is to a connecting flight, and other airport travel information.

Prior to a flight, airline passengers can map out where to eat near a departing gate.Travel and Leisure refers to the top flight, as a “comprehensive airport guide. The engineering of this top flight app consists of a GPS terminal map that provides in terminal navigation.
Price: $6.99

Top flight app: FAA App
Best Features: Integrated with Google’s Android technology and other operating systems, the FAA app was designed to help pilots and aircrews plan for flight delays changes. However, the travel information can be useful for passengers too. The flight app is also used to report laser incidents.
Price: $0

Top flight app: Travel Nerd
Best Features: What makes Travel Nerd a top flight app a distinctively resourceful application it that it goes beyond providing flight status and airport maps. The flight app calculates the various rates for every ground transportation.
Price: $0f

Top flight app: TSA App
Best features: For those travelers, who can ‘t keep up with what the TSA’s latest security requirements are the TSA has an app called My TSA app, available for free at the Apple App store.

In addition to providing travelers with the latest travel alerts, and banned carry on items also publishes airport status as well as security wait times by airport
Price: $0

Aside from John Wayne’s useful flight app, share some of your favorite top flight apps.

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