Surviving Potential Flight Delays at Orange County Airport

Although flight delays are generally rare and short situations at Orange County Airport, holidays such as Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years are bound for the typical flight delay. Nevertheless, there are several ways to beat boredom and frustration at John Wayne International Airport.

Know the facts
Thanksgiving leads among most commonly travelled national holidays in America. Last year. there were fewer scheduled passenger domestic flights in November (669,426), then there were for the month of December 2012. (670,923)  In 2012, on time flight statistics show the nation reverted to performance pre-911. There were only 908,432 late arrivals and 886,533 late departures in 2012. (SOURCE: Bureau of Transportation Statistics).

John Wayne International Airport.

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What are the busiest airports in America?
If you’re headed to John F Kennedy airport, in New York City, O’Hare Airport in Chicago and Atlanta Airport, traveler beware you may be in for a flight delay (especially during the high peak travel season Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years).

Don’t bother…
Since the Transportation and Security Administration (TSA), can open any package, don’t bother with gift wrapping  — or at least until you arrive at your destination.

Expect holiday travel if you’re going to…

The busiest airports in America are Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport,  Los Angeles International Airport and O’Hare Airport in Chicago and Atlanta Airport. During the holidays, these hubs are prone to  flight delays and extremely tardy arrivals. (Source:

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How does Orange County Airport compare to other California Airports?
Despite the smaller size terminals at Orange County Airport, polls and reviews on Yelp suggest the John Wayne Airport is as beloved as the late actor– John Wayne, an actor who is renowned for his roles in cowboy western movies.

Reviews and polls indicate that southern California passengers share an affinity for the Orange County Airport. In comparison to LAX, passengers appreciate the friendlier customer service, commonly experienced at SNA Airport.

How many terminals comprise Orange County International Airport?
SNA Airport is comprised of three terminals: A, B, and C.

Why terminal B and C are comparable?
Terminals B and C share many of the same concession stands, such as: Catarina’s, Jerry’s Wood-Fired Dogs, Beach Front News, InMotion Entertainment, PinkBerry, Zovs Javi’s and Starbucks.

In the event of an extended flight delay, Orange County Airport’s art galleries are constantly changing and always on display.

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