5-Things to Skip this Holiday Travel Season

Whether one’s traveling via Orange County John Wayne Airport or any other international hub, refer to these travel notes to ensure a jolly season and minimal aggravation.

Short notice
Unless you pilot your own flight, don’t expect to book a flight on a whim. For most commercial frequently fliers, short notice travel from December 20th through the end of the month is not an option. Expect security check points to be slow at John Wayne Airport as well as other international airports.

Orange County John Wayne Airport

Photo Courtesy of Ocair.com media department. Large red back pack as seen at Orange County John Wayne Airport represents “If you see something say something: safety travel campaign


Wrapping gifts
For those traveling with Christmas presents, don’t bother decorating in wrapping paper. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers have the authority to unwrap any item.

To alleviate the chances of forgetting anything important like identification, boarding pass, phone charger
smart phone, and other personal belongings, place these items in one compartment of your carry on bag the night before departure.

Packing Contraband
Although firearm and cannabis laws in Colorado and Washington states are lenient, don’t bother trying board a flight with these items. In other words, leave any contraband departing or arriving at Denver International and Sea-Tac International Airport. Not to mention, there’s a penalty and detainment for attempting to board a flight with contraband.


Transportation Security Administration’s acceptable carry on list.

As for carrying alcohol on any flight, the TSA allows 3.4 ounces.

Around the holidays, sometimes commercial planes have to circulate Orange County John Wayne Airport to attain landing clearance. These minimal delays impact baggage claims. Have rides park in the two hour parking lot to save gas circling the airport. (Don’t forget to reimburse your ride the parking lot fee).

The TSA has the great responsibility of sorting through luggage, we can all do our part by being attentive and reporting any suspicious behavior or unusual sightings. Orange County John Wayne Airport is running a campaign, called “If you see something, say something.” That’s why travelers will see a large red backpack like the one in the photo on the left.

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