Baggage Fees, Claims + Looser Travel Rules

Looser travel rules, steeper baggage fees and more amenities are the latest headlines in airline transportation.  From  baggage fees to lenient airline travel guidelines at Orange County John Wayne Airport and other national hubs, review how changes will influence the travel experience.

Facing the busiest travel season in years, the US Federal Aviation Administration and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is loosening one travel restriction: passengers access to internet service in flight.

While many travelers fear the new ease on telecommunications will encourage incessant chatter from the loudest of smartphone users, airline carriers are using the opportunity to impose new fees.

American Airlines will enable its passengers to access televisions show for .99 per streamed video and $3.99 for movies. The major carrier will not be the only commercial aircraft service using Wifi access to  to widen its profit margin.

But Wifi is not the only fee that American Airlines  charges its customers.  In the main cabin on domestic flights as well as departing and arriving flights of Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, baggage fees are $25. For a second bag, fees start at $35, depending where the flight is headed to.

American Airlines baggage fee policy reads like legalese. For example, American Airlines charges $35 for a second bag on a domestic flight from Orange County John Wayne Airport to Chicago. Flights to Canada and Europe cost an additional $100 for flights to or from the US to Europe and Canada. American Airlines Choice Essential and Choice Plus fares include one bag and a complimentary change fee. But these fares are generally $100 more than a flight in coach.

At a time when companies such as American Airlines charge baggage fees and Internet service, Southwest is adding free Wi-Fi to its list of complimentary products. In contrast to Southwest’s higher priced competitors, the economical commercial carrier is using WiFI as another fortifier of it fee-less services. Southwest Airlines offers two free bags on domestic flights (as long as the size is under 50 pounds and up to 62 inches.

Which do you prefer to pay for at Orange County John Wayne Airport baggage, Wifi or none of these services?

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