Orange County SNA Airport Glides a Turbulent Year

  • December 27, 2013
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Twenty-thirteen was a turbulent year in air travel at Orange County SNA Airport. A look back at the top headlines suggests a few high and lows. 

The TSA Pre Check(TM) program, lauded by the US. Transportation and Security Administration is now at Orange County SNA  Airport and  74 other domestic and international flights around the U.S.  

Orange County Visitor Association commissioned an economic impact study to determine whether the non stop  service between Orange County and Mexico was yielding a profit. The financial analysis determined that  international flights attribute nearly $509 million a year. (AirTrans is a a wholly owned subsidiary of Southwest Air, shuttling service from Orange County Airport to Guadalajara, Cabo San Lucas, and Mexico City).

Orange County SNA Airport

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At a time when airport officials would like to  loosen air travel at air airport across the, several events prevented the U.S Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) from  debuting less stringent  standards.

Transportation security administrators were set to allow travelers with golf clubs, hockey sticks and other banned items, on the weekend of the Boston bombing.

Flight traffic dwindled at Orange County SNA Airport, with 1.6 percentage drop from November 2012. Air cargo and military gained several by 1.2 percent and 31.4 percent respectively.

Since the seismic construction ended at JWA, Brookstone and XpresSpa moved into at John Wayne Airport.

The merger between American Airlines and US Airways was finalized closed last month. For the time being, Scott Kirby, president of American Airlines reports that there are not any immediate plans or travel disruptions with the marriage of the two major couriers, which means that flights out of Orange County SNA Airport are still on the departure.

In November after the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) considered loosening inflight wireless communications, a vast majority of both passengers and air craft crew expressed critical disapproval of the mobile device ban reversal.

What do you think about passengers boarding flights and talking until they reach their destination?

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