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  • February 19, 2014
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February 2014 Travel News Report

So far this year, flight cancellations have made headlines in the Midwest and East Coast. Nevertheless, Orange County International Airport casts a share of compelling news reports.

Being green is a part of membership
Earlier this month, United Airlines announced that it would be modifying its beverage service on flights as well as its signature lounges. So, members who frequently wait to depart flights out of John Wayne Airport will inherently being doing their part to shrink their carbon footprint.

United’s managing director of global environmental affairs and sustainability,  Angela Foster-Rice declares: “This new cup is not only aligned with our overall Eco-Skies® commitment to the environment, it is another way our customers can feel good about flying with us.”

United Airline Eco cup
United Airlines Eco Skies recycled come coming to John Wayne Airport ‘s Lounge

A good reason to stay seated…
Sources from the Associated Press and Yahoo news say that during  a recent flight, departing from San Francisco to Hong Kong reportedly hit such turbulence that 12 passengers were injured. One of the passengers hit his head on the overhead storage, sending baggage expelling to the floor.

Where to set up shop at John Wayne Airport
For those who are not a member of one of the lounges sponsored byUnited or American Airlines, Orange County International Airport also has work stations at Gate C (at no cost) but obviously first come first serve.

Washington Dulles Airport Gets Onboard with Orange County International Airport
According to sources at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson today joined TSA administrator John S. Pistole at Washington Dulles International Airport to launch the latest TSA Pre?™ Application Center. TSA Pre?™.

Where to board at John Wayne Airport for…
American aril lines and US Airways passengers will continue to board flights for the aforementioned merged commercial carriers at Orange County International Airport for the time being.

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