What it Costs to Cancel a Flight at John Wayne Airport

Minus transportation to Orange County John Wayne Airport, most major airlines with direct flights out of the Southern California hub impose flight cancellations fees and a variety of surcharges. Among the leading carriers with direct flights, departing from Orange County John Wayne Airport International, the costs to modify travel arrangements vary airline. 

How much do the major commercial carriers charge for a flight cancellation or change.

American Airlines maintains a convoluted flight cancellation policy. For instance, American will refund a flight if it has oversold seats. However, all other “voluntary” flight changes require a $100 change tariff. American also modifies the price, according to flight  rate.

Although, American Airlines recently acquired  US Airways, passengers still have to go through the original carrier to make any flight cancellation arrangements.

Delta Airlines offers a 24 hour free grace period to amend or cancel a flight with any “qualifying eticket.” The full refund policy applies to direct ticketing charges and prepaid fees.

United Airlines
For general customers (who do not have a Premier® Silver, Premier Gold, or Global ServicesSM, Premier 1K®, Premier Platinum), the basic cancellation rate is $200 per traveler via United Airlines. In addition to the hefty cancellation or flight change fee, the airline also prorates the cost of the new ticket. Mos passengers of John Wayne Airport, making a flight cancellation  within 21 days prior to the flight ranges from $75 to $100, depending if there is a change to the original destination.  (The rule applies to Continental Airlines, which was recently acquired by United Airlines).

As usual, Southwest continues to dominate when it comes to customer satisfaction, providing complimentary flight cancellations and changes.

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